(updated at 13/12/2010)

Ali E.Bastani (aka BlueCoder) was born at 19/02/1984 in Tehran , Iran .

He’s got his BS from IAU (Islamic Azad University) in “Computer Software Engineering”  at 2005 .

His Thesis was about Data Mining and specifically using Data Mining  tools of SQL Server 2005 and developing a demo program in C#.NET using these tools.

He took some courses in APTECH Iran about Web designing and Database designing  and also C# and Java programming in 2006.

These courses was held in SUT (Sharif University of Technology) and took about one year long.

He was working as a Web Developer for two local companies

(PSA & Hafekran IT) during 2007 and 2008.

He was employed by Bank Melli Iran (the greatest islamic  bank in world) as IT Expert in 2009.

He is developing with ASP.NET (C#)   and uses SQL Server as Database .

His research interests are  ASP.NET MVC , LINQ , EF and jQuery and has read some books in these subjects.


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  1. Marco Souza said, on 13/05/2010 at 19:43

    Hello, I read a comment on your post
    How do I use this example when the contract is located in a different assembly of the implementation

  2. Rogue Storm said, on 23/02/2011 at 19:41

    I’m following your code on MVC Helpers and I’ve hit a small snag with regards sorting; whilst my grid compiles and displays the correct data, when I click on the column header the code drops into the RenderHeader method. It goes into the loop and iterates all of the columns everytime. Both columns are sorted no matter what header I click on (Firstname, Lastname) Lastname is always in the list last therefore even if I click on Firstname, the grid is sorted by Lastname. Am I missing something?

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